Come shop with us. We create your favorite piece of jewelry.

Gregorio is a small jewelry business managed by founder and creator Deninson Mota. Based in the busy city of New York, working in a tiny room designing and creating new jewelry for men. We are constantly designing new pieces and adding them to our collection. Our idea is to bring a look that will adapt to your style and needs. 

Our designs are based in fashion and in what’s trending at the moment, but with our own little twist. 

With experience in clothing stores Deninson developed a sense of fashion and style that helped him to shape and expand his creativity. He became an assistant manager and most of his responsibilities was basically to display the new merchandise.

In 2016 Deninson Created Gregorio New York. His concept is that every man should wear a piece of jewelry that expresses who he really is. He has been consistent in the the message he want to bring to today’s man.

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