Established 2016 in New York City.

I introduce to you Gregorio New York Jewelry. GNYJ is a small jewelry company created by Deninson Mota. In 2016 I decided to embark on this journey to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. Everything in my collection is meticulously designed and created by me.

My designs are influenced by fashion, but with my own little twist. The idea behind every creation is to create something catchy and unique for everybody. I'm constantly creating new pieces and adding them to my collection. 

With many years in the clothing industry I became passionate for fashion. I dedicated 
so much time and effort doing what I was doing and become assistant manager in the store I worked for. That's when I knew I wanted to build my own company.

One of my responsibilities was basically to display the new merchandise. I used to love the freedom I had when it came to put different outfits together. I guess that freedom taught me to be creative and love what I do.

Finally, after so many years trying different things I got the courage and decided to follow my dream. My goal is to be part of everybody's lives and get everybody to wear my jewelry.

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